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These days documentary style wedding photography (or Candid Wedding Photography) has become quite a trend to cover a wedding. And why would not it be? It is the best form of photography to cover special occasions. The essence of this kind of photography lies in capturing emotions and telling a tale primarily. This is also known as candid photography or wedding photojournalism. As a documentary style wedding photographer, here what I think about the essence of the Documentary Style Wedding Photography.

Go with the Flow

A documentary photographer captures moments as they come. A posed photograph cannot be called a documentary photograph. This style is for those who believe in spontaneity and is always ready for surprises. Photographers generally try to make everybody, especially the couple to become comfortable with him so that he can get real emotions on camera.

Capture the Surrounding & Happenings

It is not only faces or people that you must click photographs of. It is imperative that you click photos of small objects lying around, or the decoration- both interior and exterior of the venue, etc. that represents the people and gives the aura of the place where the ceremony is taking place. This would help to continue the story further in a more dramatic way. Documentary style photography lets you know the dynamism about the family you are capturing which you would not have known otherwise. It is always fascinating to come to know about different people, their family, their culture, and their stories and to narrate the same through your own work. It is only when people open up to you, you can create magical memories for them. The true essence of documentary style photography lies in how well you could decipher the emotions and put them in frames.

Capture their True Self

It would be hard for somebody to reveal themselves only moments after you met. But it is very important to bring out their true self if you want to capture their essence. You need to know what is it about a person that you want to frame. It may be his or her sense of fun, caring nature, intelligence, a quirky attitude that makes all the difference or anything else. A person would open up if you make everything comfortable.

Capture the Details

The essence of documentary style wedding photography also lies in capturing the details. It is not only the face of a person that one should capture. One needs to think in terms of the three different views: medium range, close up and overall. At times to continue the flow of the story photos of activities that a person is engaged in at a particular time can have a great impact. For instance, capture the bride and the bride maids’ anxiousness while they wait for the groom to come, capture the hand movements, etc. You can do a lot if you just use your imagination while documenting a wedding.

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