Why a good dress selection plays important role in Couple Photoshoot - Vikash Kumar Photography

Many couples are opting for couple photoshoot /pre-wedding photoshoot these days. Mostly outdoor locations are chosen for these photo sessions. Pre-wedding couple photography is a nice way to get to know each other better, to understand the chemistry and to get closer to each other; especially if the marriage has been arranged. This is something which is going to be cherished forever. So, if you are planning for a pre-wedding photo session, you would want to look your best so that the photographs are gorgeous. There are certain things that play important roles in making the pictures look stunning. One of these is dressing up for the photo-shoot.

Wearing the right things is make the job easier for wedding photographers to create someexclusive photos.Thus it is very important to choose your attire wisely for your couple photoshoot.

Here are Some Cues on How to Dress Up for the Occasion (For Couple Photoshoot): Wear a Nice Outfit

Wear something thatyou are comfortable in.

It is absolutely not required for you to wear a trendy outfit that does not state your style. Comfortable yet timeless is something thatyou ought to choose. If you are comfortable in your clothes, the photographs are bound to come out beautifully. You can choose anything from a saree, anarkali suit and salwar/churidar kameez to kurti with jeans and western dress. In other words, wear anything that looks good on you.

Co-Ordinate with Each Other’s Outfits

Photos come out much more beautifully if couples coordinate their attires. It is important to understand that co-ordinating does not mean matching. For example, both of you should not wear outfits of the same color. What you need to do is to match a part of your clothing with a part of your fiancé’s outfit. Like, if your fiancé is wearing a blue tie, vest or shirt, etc. you can wear a hat or belt of the same color.

Opt for Different Patterns and Textures

Most photographers would insist you on playing with patterns and textures as far as dressing up for a pre-wedding photo session is concerned. It is imperative thatyou both wear patters and textures different from each other. For example, if you are wearing a printed dress of a certain fabric, your fiancé can opt for all plain top and bottom wear.


Think outside ofthe box when you are picking up accessories. These can also be used as props. You need to be very careful about not over accessorizing as that could steal the limelight off you and your fiancé. Scarves, watches, flowers, shoes, hats, belts, bags, cuff-links, ties are all part of accessories. Choose your accessories wisely. You need to pick up the ones that would complement your outfit as well as the accessories and outfit of your fiancé.

Wear Nice Shoes

Be careful while selecting footwear. It needs to go well with the style of your outfit. Shoes play an important part in dressing up as they complete the look. The fact that your shoes would show up in the photos makes it all the more important to choose the perfect pair.

Hair and makeup

You need not spend a fortune on your hair and doing your makeup. Just a little touch ups would accentuate your beauty. You may follow somevideos or articles online to get the perfect hair and makeup that complement your dress. And you are all ready to rock.

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