Why Sangeet Ceremony Adds an Extravaganza to Your Wedding? - Vikash Kumar Photography

Indian weddings are known for its pomp and grandeur. Unlike, in the west where getting married is a single day event, a marriage ceremony in India can continue for upto seven days. There are several important pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals thatare to be performed before the ‘D- Day’. Among them the ‘Sangeet Ceremony’ deserves special mention. It is packed with music and entertaining that bring out all the fun of the ceremony.

Earlier, it used to be an intimate family gathering. People would stay up all night long to sing and dance to celebrate the upcoming communion of the bride and the groom. However, these days, this ceremony has touched new heights. This did not just remain a small family gathering. Sangeet ceremonies are celebrated in a grand way nowadays.

Families, extended families and friends of both the bride and the groom become part of this merriment where they put up different kinds ofperformances. Normally, a big banquet hall or a hotel is booked as the venue of the event. People who choose toperform on this day start practicing their dance moves from a few weeks before. Sometimes, even choreographers are hired to train people for their performances.

This is the perfect way to introduce each other’s family members and friends so thatthey become comfortable and look forward to each other on the day of the wedding. Sangeet ceremonies create magical memories whichare to be etched in the memory of everybody especially the couple forever. An evening of light moments, laughter and merriment are required to handle the stress that people feel on their day of marriage.

A sangeet ceremony adds an extravaganza to a wedding which increases the glamour and entertainment quotient of the whole event. This can rightly be deemed as a mini wedding party with all the fun and the frolic.

To make this even more memorable it is imperative to hire a professional photographer to cover this event. The same would ensure that you do not miss anything about this party since you cannot be at all places on this day. Hiring a candid photographer would be an ideal choice to frame the occasion in films. Recent Posts Why Sangeet Ceremony Adds an Extravaganza to Your Wedding? Significance and Importance of Gauri Puja in South Indian Wedding Tips to Improve your Reception Photo Plan your Time with Makeup Artist to set Wedding Schedule on Course Top Tips to follow in a Happy Intercultural Marriage

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