Why Be Honest with Your Wedding Photographer? - Vikash Kumar Photography

There is no second opinion about the fact that your wedding is the most important ceremony of your life. And you are trying relentlessly to make it a perfect event. You are leaving no stone unturned to arrange the best–from wardrobe and makeup to venue, catering service, flower arrangement, lighting, and music. Clearly then, you would have hired the best candid wedding photographer as well so that your perfect wedding is captured well.

However, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while considering the services of an ace wedding photographer. Remember, be it in the professional world or within the personal space, transparency is the key to success. It is applicable for everybody and everything. Thus, the same rule applies when you are hiring a photographer to shoot your wedding ceremony.

One of the most important things is to have a face-to-face and lucid discussion about your requirements with your chosen photographer. This would make things easy for both the parties.

Photographers often tell me thatthey have often seen that many couples or their families do not disclose certain important rituals that need to be photographed until the last day. They eventually request them to cover the same on the wedding day. Often, they are not willing to compensate for the same. This brings a catch 22 situation for a photographer who is managing projects for the client. Because on one side, he doesn’t want to hamper the relationship with the client at the same time,resources (like second photographer, videographer etc.) demand extra payment and rightly so. In my opinion,this is an absolute no-no.

You mustnote that though your wedding is a private affair but you are dealing with a professional here. Hence, it is of utmost importance to deal with the person in a professional way. This would also ensure that you have an amicable relationship with the photographer. Sudden requests make the situation awkward and may hamper your rapport with him. If you have something in mind for the day that needs extra attention, be sure to convey the same to the wedding photographer so thathe includes this in overall costing.

Another important thing to ensure is that you convey the precise time for all the events and rituals to the photographer. You can be rest assured if you have hired a professional thathe would turn up right on time.

This point has made it to the list because a lot of people ask the photography team to come way before the actual ritual, anticipating that they would be late for the ceremony. Sure, this can happen if you hire somebody who has a reputation for being late. If you hire a renowned photographer for whom time commitment is the most important thing, you would never face such issues. You must trust your choice and provide the right information about different ceremonies to be held to the photographer. Another important reason is many photographers and videographers works on a session basis and they may have committed next session with another client. There would be cases where he may need to leaved someportion of the event to attend another client.

While discussing your requirements with the photographer, you must hear him out as well for what he is looking for to ensure that his job is done perfectly. He also might have somerequests to make. If he does so, try to make those things possible. Do not be afraid as he surely would not make any complicated request. This would only ensure that the photographs and videos come out perfectly.

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