Why A Candid Wedding Photographer is A Good Idea - Vikash Kumar Photography

Solve the dilemma of having the perfect moments of your big day captured with Candid Wedding Photography. If you are wondering how best to preserve the essence of your wedding without having to pose tirelessly in front of the shutter, then put your worries to rest. When you employ a candid wedding photographer to document your nuptials you are in fact ensuring that there is a minimum obstruction to the on-going activities while they are captured on screen/film.

At the outset let me explain to you the meaning of candid photography. It is, objectively described, the process of capturing the scene before you without disturbing your subject. Add the hustle-bustle and the atmosphere of a wedding to this process and you have a candid wedding photography.

With the emergence of the DSLR camera there also have evolved many freelance photographers who can do the job veryprofessionally and will not show you or your guests in a funny light (remember those pesky local photographers who were most likely to take your photo as you were opening your mouth to eat?).

A professional candid wedding photographer, on the other hand, is someone who is qualified to capture the perfect moments of bliss, beauty, fun, vibrancy, rituals and family-drama that entails any Indian wedding. If you opt for one you rest assured thatthe pictures took care of ethereal quality and are perfectly composed.

A candid photographer won’t have you stage your pose but capture that moment of ecstasy when you are experiencing pure bliss. Moreover, you can rest knowing thatyou won’t have a bright light shoved in your face every time the photographer wants to capture you on the frame.

A candid wedding photographer is an answer to your prayers of having beautiful pictures taken without having to pose endlessly for them. Doing away with the huge lights and cumbersome equipment, the new generation of photographers employ the natural and the ambience lights to take the perfect shot. They will moreover not invade your personal space or intrude upon your conversations or ceremony to capture a moment. The snap taken is one that will capture your emotions as genuinely as you felt them at the moment.

If you are planning a wedding take it upon yourself to find the right photographer for you. Don’t rely on the neighbourhood photo studio guy but do your research and find yourself the one photographer who you think will capture the most important day of your life perfectly on screen or print. After all, your big day should be remembered as it happened and not as a series of poses!

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