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Marriage is a lifetime commitment that a couple entersinto. The union of two individuals with specific dreams, ambitions, they are bound with and that last till eternity. India is a ‘Secular nation’, where cultures, races, ethnicity and religions all come under one roof. The impression of marriage here is different than any other part of the world. The Indian culture is changing with time and so is the institution of marriage. The decisions which were taken by the elders for a couple to get married have reshaped itself and they are now free to choose their own respective partners. An essential shift has introduced in the civilization and is now perceived as ‘Intercultural’ marriage in our society. So if you are planning an intercultural marriage here are a few tips for you to ensure you have a successful marriage for life.

Appreciate and Value

If you are completely aware of each other’s cultures, it becomes easy. It is imperative to comprehend with the upbringing of your spouse in orderto keep the love intact. The couple needs to make sure thatthey bond well with their in-laws so it becomes easy for them to adjust well in the family. Make sure to take one step at a time and not rush with the cultural lesson as the marriage is then latched for a lifetime.

Live it their way

Intercultural marriage comes with baggage of customs and it is the responsibility of the couple to submerge themselves into the each other traditions and ethnicity keeping their identity unbroken. However, it is interesting to actuallybe married in a different culture as one can get to witness the different traditions and the festivals are multiplied leaving room for more fun and excitement. Different functions, a variety of customs and events add new experiences every time you witness a function from either side.

A good impression equals to happy in-laws

Marriage in India is not between two people it’s a bond between two families. So every couple needs to understand this, happy in-laws, happy life. Yes, you heard it right. Couples that get along well with their in-laws have fewer marriage problems. It is also a much desired encouragement for both sets of parents. After all, they want to make sure everything fits well and isrest assured. Amalgamating yourself creates sense of comfort and Strengthens family relationships all round.

Are you marrying the Right one?

This is one of the utmost importances if you are planning to have an intercultural marriage. Since nuptials are for lifetime in a place like India, we are sure you wouldn’t want to marry someone just to tick it off your to-do list and show the world. Be sure who you want your companion to be for life and ensure to do whatever it takes to be with that person forever. That’s the kind oflove that will push you through every challenge you face, whether connected to customs beliefs and religions.

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