Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Caterer - Vikash Kumar Photography

The most important day in your life is the most tensed of your life too. On your wedding day, you are worried about the décor, food and more. With my experience as a wedding photographer, here are someessential tips that should make hiring your caterer a piece of cake:


Once you have shortlisted a list of caterers, the first thing to do is to find out available on your wedding date. They keep very busy so make sure you do it on time if you have someone specific in mind.


Set your budget and check with different caterers how they can accommodate a menu within that range. Try to get as much information as possible about all their options and costs. This is important because sometimes caterers do not include the VAT or don’t mention separate charges for linen hire and tableware. This becomes a real burden if you get to know of it at the last minute.

Quality of Food

Your chosen caterer must be able to serve sensational taste that looks delightful. And the only way to know thatis to ask the caterer to show you their portfolio with pictures of the food they serve at parties. Also ask about the quality and sustainability of the raw produce sourced by them. It is always a good idea to opt for recipes that need seasonal fruits and vegetables to get better and enhanced taste of food.

Tasting Session

Check with the caterer if they offer a tasting session. This is an important step to choose a decent caterer. This would allow you to understand the style, presentation and quality of the food they prepare. Moreover, you also get the option to incorporate your ideas with their existing menu.

Meet Your Expectations

A good caterer is one who surpasses your expectation. This requires the caterer to be a good listener. He should be able to understand your ideas, visions and requirements for the day and combine these along with his experience to present delectable delicacies to all your guests.


Choose someone who has the experience in preparing and catering to wedding parties. The best way to know the credentials of a caterer is by visiting social media platforms to read blogs and reviews about them.


Choosing the right catering agency could be reallytricky as there are a lot of things to be considered. If the service is not up to the mark, the entire arrangement can be ruined. However, you need not worry as you are in a position to judge the service of your chosen caterer right from the beginning. Note the way they treat you, how enthusiastic are they to get you a tasting session and how hard they try to get everything done as per your requirement. If you are convinced, then everything is sure to fall into places on the wedding day.

Have a plan

Make sure you know the booking and payment processes so you don’t get a rude shock at the last minute. There have been instances where the caterer has backed out at the last minute or given an unexpected bill with extra charges. So be verysure about the last date to lock in the caterer and make the payment accordingly. Ideally, one should start looking for the caterer as soon as the wedding date is fixedand the venue is decided.

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