The Essence of A Pre-Wedding Photography - Vikash Kumar Photography

Celebrate your engagement to your beloved with the latest trendpre-wedding photography. Capture the romance, the love, the passion and the excitement that leads up to the big day with a few artfully clicked pictures that will describe the bond you share with your significant other.

You can choose a location to your liking–it can be a picturesque landscape, a historical building or even the place where you first met. It is up to you to decide whether you want a montage of dramatic, romantic, fun or casual photos and it is up to your photographer to bring your desire to fruition and to capture the chemistry between you and your partner on the lens.

Unlike a wedding photography–where everything is shot on spot–a pre-wedding photography allows you a lot of time. You can take your time to get comfortable with your photographer and perfect your pose for a flawless picture. Here you have the luxury of retakes and the chance to correct your mistakes

Also, a pre-wedding shoot captures you and your partner on film as two people who love each other rather than as man and wife who are bound by rituals. You are removed from the tradition-bound setting of a wedding and are placed in a relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself.

But for all its benefits a pre-wedding photography is not a piece-of-cake. The photographer has to put in a lot of effort and invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that the session is a productive one; one where the pictures are perfect and both parties are satisfied.

Moreover, when you look back at the years or days leading up to your marriage, you don’t want to remember it as a series of selfies! You want a few pictures of yourself that you can frame and decorate the house of your walls with or to pull out and show to your grandchildren or your children when it’s time for them to get hitched.

A pre-wedding photoshoot will give you the perfect opportunity to capture the fun, the sentiments, the jitters and all the emotions thatyou are vulnerable to, leading up to your big day. But, before you go in for your one-of-a-kind photoshoot make sure you have a lot of time to spare (for all those re-takes) and it’s advisable to choose your location beforehandyou can even choose tolet your photographer select the locationas it will save you a lot of time. Have in mind a theme which will form the basis of your shoot and the kind ofclothes you wear for the photoshoot.

Clothes, themes, location, ideas are all the essential part of a photoshoot. However, you might also want to look up a few poses online which can act as a point of reference when you are at the shoot. For example, if you have a romantic theme in mind and you pose like a couple whoare at a high-society party your whole shoot will be a failure. You get the drift right?

So, now thatyou know what a pre-wedding photoshoot is, go out there and capture the moments of your carefree partnership and the joy of being together on film before you tie-the-knot.

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