Saptapadi/Seven Steps in South Indian Wedding: Significance - Vikash Kumar Photography

Amidst the flamboyant decorations and fragrance of fresh flowers in the air, a Hindu wedding has seven promises or seven steps that complete the heavenly union of two individuals. Also acknowledged as Saptapadi in the Hindu culture, the bride and groom vow to take these promises for a happy married life. Since customs and ceremonies are the base of Hindu weddings, the seven oaths are undertaken by the bride or groom to stay close to each other till eternity. This custom is performed around a blazing fire pursued by the chanting of the Mantras by the Hindu priest. Let us understand the seven vows of this sacred matrimony.

The first step initiated by the bride and groom incepts the new beginning of their life where the groom promises to strive hard for the welfare of his wife and his family’s happiness. While the bride assures the groom thatshe will gratify all her responsibilities towards her family with utmost devotion and dedication.

The second step seeks the couple to stand together like a pillar and protect their family against all odds. The groom proffers assurance to his bride thathe will protect and fight for his family with courage and strength, while the bride promises to stand beside him and provide him power and valor during his turbulent times.

The third step in the Hindu marriage comes with a divine promise from the bride to accept the groom as her husband and that she will love him selflessly with all her heart, till eternity. Of course, modern grooms take the vow too!

The fourth step offers the groom’s love to his beloved wife. He confesses that the bride has brought love and holiness in his life. He prays to god to bestow him with good children with a great and long life. The wife, on the other hand, prays for happiness in the family.

The fifth vow defines marriage. The groom accepts the bride as his best friend and makes her the companion of his life, whereas the bride generously accepts his friendship and promises to honor it with love and commitment.

The sixth vow around the holy fire comes with a promise to keep each other happy while spending the rest of their lives in matrimonial bliss and peace.

The seventh step binds the two individuals into a holy bond. Both, the bride and groom promise to stay true to each other as their love and companionship have become inseparable for life. These enchanting vows cover all aspects of married life and prepare couples to enter marriage with faith and love.

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