Plan your Time with Makeup Artist to set Wedding Schedule on Course - Vikash Kumar Photography

While the wedding time is the most awaited period in one’s life, it brings with it lots of chaos and panic, especially if things are not scheduled properly.

One of the major aspects of any wedding is the bridal make-up. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, for obvious reasons. While the wedding day makeup session is quite an important part of the day, a mismanagement or tad delay can lead to various problems.

Usually, a bride and makeup artist overshot the time impacting the time of other wedding rituals and related schedules. For examples, the delay can affect your photographer’s schedule; they might not adequate get time for the couple and bridal photo shoot sessions. The delay also brings unnecessary hurrying up and chaos which is again not got for photography, especially a portrait session with your wedding photographer.

So, here are a few tips to keep things on track on the wedding day.

To ensure that everything runs according to the schedule on your wedding day, make sure toschedule a trial session with the makeup artist and hair stylist a few months before the main event.

Hair styling on the ceremony day will consume approx. 40-45 minutes that could vary depending on the hair style you choose.

Talk to your artist to arrange things beforehand so that the makeup applications take about 30 minutes for each person.

On determining the time when you need to be ready, it’d be good to work backward in 30-40 minutes prior to determining the arrival time for your beauty artist.

It is best for the bride to have her makeup and hair done towards the starting of the timeline rather than waiting until the end.

Ask your beauty team if the touch-up time can be added into your contract. And if it is not included or not within your budget, you can bring a few key items with you including blotting sheets, lip color, and pressed powder.

If you have a large group for makeup on the ceremony day, ask your makeup artist to bring a few assistants to attend your guests. This will save a lot of your makeup artist time.

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