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Traditionally a multi-day affair and intricate ceremonies, Indian weddings also known as ‘Vivaah’ is best acknowledged as ritual filled with grandeur, grace, colors and love. It is a union that binds two people in a holy matrimony which is a blessing to the newlyweds. There has been so much said and written about this devout ritual, and we already know the intention that goes behind this ceremony. Here are few pre-wedding and wedding day ceremonies that bring the couple close.


Pitthi is a promising tradition which is performed for the good luck. A thick paste made of turmeric, chickpea flour and rose water. Members of the family and close one apply this paste on the skin of the bride and the groom. The significance of this ritual is to brighten the skin so thatthey look effervescent on their D-day.

A vibrant and fun celebration, Mehndi is a tradition held a day prior to the nuptials celebrated by women. The celebrations is filled with intricate mehndi designs, music, sangeet and fragrance of the Henna, it is a day that symbolize pleasure, attractiveness, pious beginning and contribution.


Weddings are a soulful union between two individual. A union where two people get into divine rituals for a happy and a blissful life, this ceremony begins with the arrival ofthe Groom. The ‘baraat’ (Entrance of the Grrom) is welcomed by the Bride’s family and gleefully accepted. Escorted by relatives the procession comprise of milni where in the two families greet each other and then escorts the groom to the ‘mandapwhere in the bride and groom proceeds for further rituals. Followed by arrival of the bride ‘Jai Mala ‘is performed, the first step towards their union. The couple exchange floral garlands signifying their acceptance for one another.

The second step is the Kanyadaan or Hasta Melap where the bride’s places her daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand, formally giving away his most prized possession. The knot tied during this ritual symbolizes the everlasting bond of marriage. What comes after this is the last step to conclude the wedding nuptial and these are called as the seven vows which the bride and groom take to solemnize their wedding.

Amidst all the chanting of the mantras, chattering and happiness, an emotional father is set to bid adieu to daughter known as the Vidaai. It is said that daughters are close to their fathers, so the emotional moment between a father and a daughter is rightly captured and the bride is given away with much love and happiness. And with all the rituals that holds the bride and groom together their journey as a couple begins with loads of blessings, moments and happiness in their lives.

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