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It is one of the most challenging tasks for a couple to find a good candid wedding photographer. As we are spoiled with many choices these days, we tend tomake many mistakes while hiring a candid wedding photographer. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. And to make the memory of this dream event stay forever in your heart, it is imperative to make a wise decision. Below is the list of some common mistakes that ought to be avoided while hiring your wedding photographer.

Hiring an Amateur Friend/Family Member:

One of the most common mistakes that people tend tomake during their wedding is to hire a friend or relatives with amateur skill level. Wedding photography is one of the toughest niches in the photography world; it requires training, practice and years of experiences, to deliver consistent and quality output.

You may not able to demand professional services or deliverables from your friends or relatives as you can expect from a professional candid wedding photographer. In case, your friend is a pro level photographer and you wish to hire him or her, you must have a professional service agreement.

Delaying the decision of hiring your candid wedding photographer:

Most of the reputed and good candid wedding photographers get booked up veryquickly and much in advance. As a thumb rule, if you are looking for a good candid wedding photographer, you shouldtry to book their dates as early as possible.

If you wait and take it to the last few weeks or days from your wedding date, you will have less chance to get a good photographer even though you may like his/her work or you can afford his/her professional fee. Please also note that if you start searching for your photographer well in advance, you get enough time to research, understand the works and style of shortlisted photographers. Many wedding photographers provide an extra discount if you book them well in advance.

Hiring without Researching:

It is very important to know the approach and style of the photographer before hiring. Does his/her approach suits your requirement. You should also look at reviews if available, on reputable platforms like Google business, Yelp, etc. Meeting in person is still the best way to know your photographer and understand his/her work. Ask your married friends to provide a reference to their photographer, as they already have the first-hand experience.

Interference in Work:

During the wedding, itis observed that the guests sometimes interfere with the working of the photographer, especially in the age of Smart Phone. Most of them want to take pictures and they may block the view for the photographers. Some people start giving their own suggestions that could dispel the creativity with which the photographer is working on your wedding. Let the photographer be given complete freedom during his/her work. If you want a set of images or family or friends to be covered during the wedding, you shouldconvey this to your photographer well in advance.

Getting rigid on budget:

It is said thatluxurious things often come attached with expensive price tags. You get what you pay for. There is no common Industry standard pricing package. You will find a huge difference in pricing even among same skill level photographer. Keep little flexibility with your budget for photography, it will give you a better scope for hiring a good photographer.

Not connecting with the Photographer:

To bring out anything perfect it always requires a good teamwork. Befriend with your photographer and enjoy photo shoot sessions. It’s very important that set aside some time for portrait sessions. Usually, Candid photographers plan some creative portraits in advance and unless you give time, he/she may not able to produce expected results.

Casual on legal contract and expected deliverable:

You must have an elaborate discussion on what are the deliverables you are looking for or you may ask your photographer to provide a detailed documentation on their deliverables under the purchased package. It’s better to keep a signed contract stating all the terms and condition, pricing as well expected deliverables from your candid wedding photographer.

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