Kickass Do’s and Don’ts on Your Bridal Mehndi - Vikash Kumar Photography

Weddings are so much fun. Right from pre-wedding preparations to the main event, it is a game of decorations and colors. An occasion of happiness, it is a big day for the bride and groom. The hustle bustle of wedding and the bewitching designs of the mehndi applied on the bride’s hand hold a special significance in our Indian culture. Soothing fragrance of the henna submerges itself with the air leaving the guests high on love. Here are someeasy and simple steps you can follow to get a beautiful and a dark mehndi.

Things to do before and while applying mehndi:

Make sure to book your mehndi artist weeks before the big day.

Select your designs to avoid any confusion. Lace Glove Henna is the new fad in mehndi designs. Try that and get the best for yourself.

Apply your mehndi two days before the big event. It will give your design to settle down on your hands and release its natural color.

Wash your hands properly and keep your hands dry before applying mehndi. To get better color it is important for you to have dry hands.

Nature calling! Visit the washroom before applying the henna. You do not want to give a break while applying the mehndi and ruin it.

Do not try todry off your mehndi before time. Let it dry itself to gain its natural color. The nippy option is to leave it overnight and take it off the next day.

Here are few things which you might think of skipping on your mehndi day:

Avoid sitting under the sun while applying the mehndi as it will dry up your mehndi quickly giving less color. And I’m sure no bride wants that, right!

Well, it is your big day and you have all the right to cherish it by dancing and rejoicing. But moving your hands with wet mehndi can give you major spoiler alert. It’s best to sit back and enjoy your day while the henna is being applied.

Get your pre-bridal done before the mehndi ceremony. Waxing can scrape off your upper layer of the skin leaving your design faded.

Okay, so every bride hopes for a dark mehndi. Here a few things to get amazing henna color:

Apply your mehndi two days before the wedding to get a dark and a natural color.

Leaving your mehndi for good 8 to 12 hours can bring out its original texture making your hands look beautiful on your nuptials.

Clove is a natural ingredient that helps in getting that desired color for your henna. Just warm few cloves on the pan and run your hands over the smoke to get a rich dark color.

You can also apply a mixture of lemon and sugar on your mehndi. Take a cotton ball and dab it on your hands once the henna is dried.

Cooking oil or any balm can do wonders. Apply it on your hands while sleeping and get that beautiful dark color mehndi for your wedding day.

These are sometrouble-free steps to for your mehndi to remain deep and dark on your big day. 

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