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Indian weddings have always been a grand affair. And to speak about South Indian marriages, they are a spectacle in themselves. However, they are celebrated in a conservative and elegant manner unlike North Indian weddings which are quitepompousin nature. It holds great symbolism. It is needless to saythatevery wedding needs proper arrangement. Here are some handy wedding planning tips every South Indian couple should follow to ensure that the event is a success:

Finalize the Date

Congratulations for getting engaged. This is time now to select a wedding date. While finalizing the date keep certain factors in mind. Ensure that the weather is good so that guests can enjoy the ceremony. Try to finalize a date during the holiday season or atleast when work pressure is less and the children don’t have exams coming up. This consideration needs to be done for close friends and family members exclusively and not for every guest on the list.

Guest List:

The number of guests would depend on the size of your wedding. Indian weddings are generallyfamily oriented; hence the guest list tends to get steep. It absolutely depends on you how big the event is going to be. Make a guest list accordingly.

Send Out the Invitations:

Once you get your wedding cards printed, startsending out the invitations. It is also a good idea to send Save the Date cards so that people who are coming from long distances can plan their travel. However, closer to the date it is advisable to invite them personally. Sending cards in time will also help you toestimate the number of people because their responses will give you a fair idea. This would also help you make arrangements for other things like the size of the venue, amount of food to be ordered, seating arrangements, etc.


This is an important factor while planning a wedding. Your budget is going to determine what kind of ceremony it is going to be. Indian weddings tend tocross their budgets more often than not. It’s a good idea to set a budget as per your ability for all aspects of the wedding… right from the shopping to the budget for your parties.

Book the Venue

It is advisable to book the venue as soon as you finalize the wedding date. Marriage halls are always booked away in advance because the wedding seasons tend to be prettyshort. 

Book the Decorator

You may choose a grand venue but it would not look all beautiful on its own especially for a wedding ceremony. Thus, you need to book a venue decoratoras well. If you want a theme wedding, let the decorator know how you would like your venue to be styled.

Select the Caterer

South Indians love their palate so you want to make sure that your guests are well treated. No matter how grand is the venue, if the food is not up to the mark, most guests will go back dissatisfied. Thus, choose somebody of whose preparation you are aware of. Take sometrial meals before the session. It’s never a bad idea to ask for references from friends and family who have hired good caterers previously.


South Indian brides are known for wearing heavy silk sarees and jewelries. Pick them in a way thatthey complement each other. Moreover, choose your attire to suit your comfort level. It is not suggested to wear something heavier that you can manage tocarry, especially on the day of wedding since you need to move around a lot to perform different ceremonies. Start shopping at least three to four months before and get the blouses stitched at least one month prior to the event so thatyou have ample time to get the fittings right.


The makeup should be in sync with your attire. Choose a reliable professional. Ask for references and check feedbacks. If required, get a trail make up done so thatyou know how exactlyyou are going to look on the D-Day. Moreover, this is also important to check if you are allergic to some makeup items thatyou should avoid on your wedding.

Hire a Professional Photographer/ Videographer

A wedding is an affair of a couple of days. It is the pictures that would tell the tale for years to come. Thus, choosing a professional photographer must be on your top priority list. He is one who is going to create the memories for you that would last forever. A candid photographer is all that you need to capture all the moments of the event which would make you relive the occasion whenever you want. A trained photographer knows all the tricks to make you comfortable in your skin which results in some very beautiful pictures.

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