How to Look Good in Pictures on the Wedding Day - Vikash Kumar Photography

Couples are always worried about how to look good in pictures on the wedding day. Even the most photogenic couples feel the pressure and fret about it. As a wedding photographer, I know that there are somethings you have to get right to look smashing in your pictures. After covering so many weddings, I have identified sometricks that really help you stand out. Here are sometips to look your best on the most special day of your life:

Get Your Eyes to Smile

Connect and engage yourself with the camera. It would hardly matter if you show your pearly whites or not. Just go with the flow. Think about the new memories you are making. Enjoy the present and laugh just for fun.After all, it’s your wedding day!

The Tried-and-Tested Red Carpet Pose

Do you know thatmost celebs post with their hands on the hips for a reason? It does wonders to give your body a good shape. In fact, it is always a good idea to practice different poses to find out the one that works best for you. If you think you have a “good side”, go for it!

Tips to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Slightly lean your neck and chin towards the camera. Look upwards, raising your eye-brows,to make your eyes look larger.

Stretch Your Neck

Make your neck looks longer by lifting upyour chin and lowering your shoulder when you look towards the lens.

Pressing Your Arms against Your Body–Strict No No

There should be a small space between your body and the arms. This would not only make your arms appear smaller but would define your waistline, therebymaking your torso look slimmer.

Avoid Squinting

If your wedding happens to be an outdoor event, the sun would in all probability make you squint. But you need to avoid that, which you can do with a little trick. Just keep your eyes closed and as the photographer counts to three, open them justin time for the photograph.

Pose As If No One’s Watching

Camera makes people conscious. Thus, the best way to get a perfect picture is to avoid the camera completely. This is most important when we click couple photographs. Instead of focusing on the camera while taking portraits, concentrate on each other. Just remind each other of how you two met, the first date, fell in love, decided to take the plunge… anything and everything that made you stick together and got you this far.

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