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There are a lot of things thatyou need to consider while choosing a destination wedding venue. Here are someguidelines to choose the most appropriate location to get married: Find the best

Ambience and Location for Yourself

People generallyopt for the destination wedding because they want to wed somewhere that is completely different from their home location in various aspects. One such an alternative to consider is the ambience or weather. People staying in hilly areas mostly prefer beach wedding and moreover, the time of the year when you are getting married plays a great role in finding the right location for your nuptials. For instance, if your wedding date is fixed during summer, you may want toopt for a place with a pleasant atmosphere while keeping the charm of the marriage intact.

Apart from these, also ensure that you are hosting the event at a people friendly location where your guests can feel at home and comfortable.

Get Assistance

Planning and arranging a destination wedding in details can get real hectic. Thus, the most appropriate thing to do is to hire a local wedding planner, one person to know everything right from the location to the best availablevendors in the vicinity. He should also be well versed with the language of the particular place decided by you to get hitched. There is nothing like if the wedding planner masters the art in styling and décor too. This assistance from the planner will leave you with plenty of time to ensure a perfectly fitted wedding gown.


Budget is an important factor while deciding the venue of your wedding. If you are planning for a destination wedding; it is not only the budget of the ceremony venue thatyou need to consider but also the cost of travel to that location. Check if you can find someinvitees who can manage their own travel expenses as that could save a bitofyour money.


You cannot deny the fact “the further you travel, the fewer will follow”. Thus, you need to choose a destination located close to home; unless you want to keep a limited set of guests. It is equally important to check the availability of tickets to that place. Some places have trains or flights in/out for only a couple of days in a week. Make sure that people are able to reach your wedding destination on the D-day.

Guest List

It is important to choose your destination wedding venue according to the guest list. You need to identify the mix of young, old and children you are inviting. This will help you toensure that the place is comfortable for all. Note that while resorts or hotels in some locations may not be for kids’ friendly, some other places would be difficult for the elders to go to. You need to choose a destination where your guests feel the most comfortable.

Legal Requirement 

This is required if you are planning to get married in a different country than yours. It is exciting to get married at a distant location but it can have its own limitations. Thus, check with the consulate of that country about any rules you might have to follow to get married there.

Choose AppropriateDestination Wedding Package Most people prefer the pay-one-price vacation since one can spend a certain amount of money to enjoy everything available. However, there are someothers who like to spend as they choose a certain amenity because they are not interested in everything served on the table. So, what kind of person are you? Once you know thatyou would be able to decide whether you shouldgo for all-inclusive or all-exclusive package and accordingly choose the destination.

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