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India is a country with many traditions and cultures. One such tradition is the Indian Christian Wedding, known for its purity and grace. A soulful union between two individuals, a Christian wedding is known for its solemnity and elegance. It is the time when family and friends come together to watch two people come together in holy matrimony. Here’s what a Christian wedding in India entails:

Announcement of the Big Day: The first step in a Christian wedding is the public declaration of the nuptials in the local newspapers along with the church where the ceremony is scheduled.

Pre-Wedding Rituals: The fun and frolic in a Christian wedding begins with an engagement party hosted by the Bride’s parents and embraced by few close family members and friends. On this occasion, the bride and the groom take the first step towards their nuptials and exchange their engagement rings.

Hen Party or the Bridal Shower:

Hosted by the bride’s female friends this is an interesting ritual in a Christian wedding. It’s a fun-filled party where the bride and her friends rejoice by singing and dancing. Guests shower the bride with presents and blessings. The wonderful part of this custom is that the bride is gifted with a pink cake along with a thimble hidden inside which she offers to everyone present in the party. Whoever amongst her friends gets the piece of cake with thimble in it is set to be the next one to get married.

Bachelor’s Party:

A wedding without a bachelor party is incomplete for the groom. Organised by the groom for his friends or vice versa, it begins with a toast followed by drinks and is considered to be wildest amongst all. It is celebrated bythe groom to relish his last days as a bachelor.

The Roce Ceremony:

Also commonly known as Haldaat amongst the Indians, this ritual relates to applying the turmeric or sandalwood paste to both the bride and groom. This ceremony is popular in the North Indian Christian marriages. In South India, coconut paste is applied to the bride and the groom instead of sandalwood or turmeric paste.

The Big Day:

As the bride reaches the church on her wedding day, the best man of the groom greets her with a bouquet of flowers and takes her inside the church.The bride is escorted to the altar by her father or brother.

The Ceremony:

A Christian wedding is held at the altar, where the Reverend acknowledges the bride and groom.The ceremony begins with hymns from the Bible chanted by everyone present in the church. The couple exchange their vows and the groom ties a Thali or Mangalsutra around the neck of the bride.The ritual concludes with blessings from the priest and everyone present at the church.

Post Wedding Ritual:

The marriage concludes with a reception where the newly weds come together as a couple. They are welcomed with a shower of confetti, followed by a cake cutting ceremony, dinner and a dance party to bless the new couple.

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