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Wedding rings are one of the first marks of a couple’s commitment. They represent togetherness and tell the world about a person’s betrothal. Considering their symbolic and cultural significance, it is important to put some though into choosing a wedding ring.

Here are some of the decisions you will have to make while choosing the perfect wedding band, and some tips to get it right:

The Gemstone

It is a well-known fact that the most classic engagement ring style features a sparkly diamond in the center. About 90%of the engagement rings in the market feature this setting. But it is important to consider your partner’s taste and personality. They may be a little unconventional and prefer something unique, like a different gemstone or a different kind ofstone setting.

However, diamonds and sapphires are the best bet for those who are not sure about the partner’s choice.

Diamonds and sapphires are the hardest gemstones and so they hold up well to the fact that wedding bands are worn every day, all the time. Additionally, sapphires cost less than diamonds, which means you can get a bigger stone in the same budget. Contrary to general notions, sapphires come in a variety of colours other than deep blue, like yellow and pink.

The Precious Metal

The most common choices for engagement ring metals include white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and more recently, rose gold.

Platinum and white gold are the most popular choices as they work well with a variety of coloured gemstones. Although platinum costs more, it is more durable than white gold.

The best way to choose the precious metal for the stone setting is to consider the colour of the gemstone and the kind ofjewelry your partner normally wears.

Choosing a Ring Style

Modern, vintage, unconventional, detailed, sleek, intricate or simplewhat kind of jewelry does your partner normally prefer? Some may want a lot of bling while others may want something understated.

Consider Buying an Antique

For people who live life in a little old-school way and have appreciation for art, vintage and history, an antique ring may be the perfect fit, while being a precious, thoughtful accessory.

The Budget

It is important to know thatyou should set a budget that iscomfortable to you and pick a ring accordingly. Wedding bands come in all ranges and there should not be a pressure on anybody to go beyond their means. 

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