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Weddings are crazy affairs that soak in the essence of the precious moments of life, preserved forever with photographs. With the arrival ofDSLR cameras, the quality of these photographs has risen invariably. People are hiring competent photographers for weddings that have been revolutionized with the passage of time. Here are a few things to note while choosing the right style and photography for your nuptials: There are mainly two types of photography -photojournalist (candid style) and the traditional wedding style.

Approach: Traditional photographers are mostly concentrated on posed portraits in weddings and rarely focus on close-knitted moments. The quality of the pictures is verysharp and compromised with a standard background that is instantly recognizable.

Candid photojournalism on the other handhas photographers taking pictures in a more realistic way without orchestrating it. The main goal of a candid photographer is to click pictures when people are not aware of the presence of a camera. This approach centers on true emotions. However, an ordinary wedding photographer will not click candid photos; rather focus on the main group shots and coverage of imperative events.

Creative angles: Traditional photographer in a wedding opts for setup photos with predefined shots. With less focus on candid clicks, the photographer uses ambient light so that the focus is well lit in the pictures. A candid photographer on the other handwill smoothly entice a situation, and with a little supervision from people, get a candid shot with the compositional beauty of a traditional one.

A candid photographer usually runs from one place to another using their adept knowledge to ensure they get the perfect shot from different angles and cameras to focus on the same story, but with a different outlook. Traditional photographer on the other handprefers to click from one location with less focus on lighting gear to get better quality pictures.

Equipments: Generally, traditional photographers do not use the best quality of camera or lenses. On the other hand most of the candid wedding photographers use the best camera and a host of lenses. There are somecandid photographers who also use very specialized camera & lenses like range-finders and prime lenses.

Editing: Editing is an integral part of the photography process. Both type of photographers use editing to provide a final touch up for the photographs, though their approach will be very different. Traditional photographers generallyonly edit selected photographs that are going to be part of the wedding album. On the other hand, a candid photographer edits all the photos. A good candid photographer will provide assorted photos, each perfect in its own quintessence.

Since wedding is a grand affair, both type of photography should be considered. There are photographers who offer traditional as well as candid packages as per requirement. Couples generally prefer pre-wedding shoots with candid photography and select conventional photography to commemorate their big day.

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