Can couples ruin a pre wedding photoshoot? - Vikash Kumar Photography

Getting married is an exciting but it can also make you equally nervous. In the quest to get everything done properly, many end up ruining a thing or two. This is extremelytrue in the case of the pre-wedding photo shoot. Couples want to look their best in every photograph they take during the entire event and clicking pre-wedding pictures is an essential part of the occasion. However, if not done right it can be ruined. Luckily, there are somethings couples can do to avoid messing it up:

Leave the Job to the Expert

There is a reason whyyou have hired a professional and not an amateur to do the photo shoot. Trust the photographer and leave everything to him, you will be surprised with the results. As someone who does it every day, photographers have the right amount of knowledge and expertise.They do everything to ensure that your photographs turn out well.

Imitating Photos on the Web

It is understandable that you are extremely excited about the wedding and want your photos to look exactly as you have seen on different websites. This is where you must run a rain-check. Photography is a trick and art so it’s not possible to imitate something and make it look good. Trying to replicate other photographs will only spoil the chances to get good photos that your photographer may get during your pre-wedding photoshoot. Make it unique and trust your photographer to do that. When it comes to photography, everything is different… from the couple’s chemistry to the background to the place. While you can have similar looking photographs, you can never have the exactsame one.

Preconceived Notion

Photographers possess the skills and knowledge that help them tocreate the right pictures according to the event, lighting, and backdrop. It is best to leave the responsibility of taking nice pictures on him. If you impose your thoughts, it could hamper his original ideas and leave him confused. This would not allow him to do his job properly. Trusting his ability is the only way to ensure the perfect clicks.

Judging the Choice of Location

Most of the times, it is the photographer who chooses the location of the photoshoot. It is always better to let him do so and not to judge his place. We have been to places, shot them and know what works best.

Your faith in him is bound to produce some nice snaps and make these moments ones to cherish forever.

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