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If you are going to tie the knot soon and you have already had your wedding photographer figured out, here are a few Wedding Photography tips for you to gear up for the big day. Excellent photos will create lasting and beautiful memories. Here’s how you can prepare yourself to be picture-perfect:

01. Relax and be natural: It’s common enough to be plagued with the jitters and to get cold-feet on the day of your wedding, but if you learn to relax then you are rest assured thatyour pictures will turn out perfect. Take deep breaths (it’s a tried and tested method that never fails) and focus on emptying your mind of all your doubts. Focus on the brighter side of the wedding, the reason whyyou are getting married. Even if it’s an arranged marriage, you can be rest assured that your parents would want the best for you. Call to your inner diva and walk the aisle/mandap down confidently. Confidence, ultimately, is the key to perfect shots.

02. Take care of skin-tone: If you have gone for a new-age photographer who prefers utilising the natural light, then you would do well to take care of your skin-tone. You do not want to apply too much make-up as it can turn cakey after a while or start dripping if the atmosphere is too humid. Moreover, today’s make-up trend tends to bend towards the barely-there or nude make-up. So utilise this trend to suit your requirements in the best possibleway. Highlight one feature of your face, like your eyes, and tone down the effect on the other areas of your face. You will not look beautiful on the most important day of your life, but your pictures will be a reminder of your resplendent beauty.

03. Get an outdoor portrait session with your photographer: An outdoor portrait session will ensure that the memories of your big-fat-Indian-wedding are preserved for posterity, removed from the hustle-bustle of the actual wedding. You and your significant other can meet up the photographer and get someidea of the way he functions and the type ofpictures he clicks.

 Spending time with your photographer is an essential step to discovering how both parties can work towards the same goal without any hitches on the big day. Once you both develop a level of comfort with each other, you can let him know what exactly it is that you are looking for. You can even tell him about which angle of your face you think is your best side. If you have bonded well with your photographer, he can even surprise you and click your pictures from angles you never thought possible and bring out another side of your beauty. (Look up pre-wedding photography for more information on this: http://www.vikashkumarphotography.com/the-essence-of-a-pre-wedding-photography/)

04. Practise someposes in advance: A few good poses can go a long way to make your photos look runway-ready. Google a few poses, choose and practise those poses. If you have a particular problem area, like your stomach for example, look up how you can pose in a manner that will flatter your figure and make you look perfect and flawless. You remember those wedding pictures of our parents where they all look so uncomfortable and fidgety? If that is what you want to avoid, look confident, get your significant other also to pose with you if necessary– after all practice makes a man perfectand get opinions from others (friends, family and your photographer) on whether your favoured pose works in your favour.

05. Don’t always look to camera: Looking directly at the camera is a huge photography faux-pass in this age. You want your pictures to be as candid as possible. Leave the stage photographs to the models and to the fashion magazines. You are after not doing a commercial photoshoot but capturing the essence of the biggest day of your life. Your pictures should be a slice-of-(your)life, that records the moments that your cherish, and not a job thatyou are paid to do. Let the photographer work his charm and capture these moments without you looking like a model. You are after all a real person on your wedding day and not a paid model!

Now thatyou are aware of these tricks and tips, go out there and try them. After all what is a wedding but a series of rituals binding you to your beloved for life and you want those memories preserved perfectly.

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