08 Tips to Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day - Vikash Kumar Photography

There is nothing like marrying the person you love. With marriage comes responsibility that needs constant working. Ironically, patience is tested on the wedding day itself. If you have seen Bridesmaids, you will know what I mean! However, we want to make sure that your wedding is a happy and smooth one. Having seen so many couples in their moment of change, I’ve combined 08 tips that will help you toenjoy your wedding.

Be Organized

Don’t leave things for the last minute. If everything is taken care of well in time, you are sure to enjoy your wedding. To make that happen, it is important that you have a filing system to keep receipts, contracts, contact details and any notes together. Start co-coordinating with the vendors a few weeks before the ceremony to give any specific instructions or directions to be followed on the D day. Check with them once again a few days before the affair to ensure that they have every bit of your instructions fed in their mind.

Hire the Best

Engage a recommended and efficient team to stay stress free. Make sure you sample the food from your caterer before you engage him. Get a feel of the DJ on a different occasion beforehand. Ask for reference or take alook at the samples of your vendors prior to hiring them. Choose only the ones with whose personalities and work you are comfortable with to enjoy your wedding more.

Keep Your Perspective

It is Murphy’s Law that no matter what you do, there will be somesnags on your wedding day. However, do not fret over insignificant matters like the color of the napkins, wanting a bigger bouquet and more. These are things only you know have not been done as per your instructions. Instead, focus on your guests.

Hire a Wedding Consultant

On your special day, it is absolutely not possible for you to keep every single detail under check. Thus, it is always better to hire a reliable wedding consultant who would watch over everything while you enjoy your day.

Be Happy

Have a hearty laugh before the marriage. Keep friends and family close by. All of this ensures that you are surrounded by happy thoughts and lots of cheer.

Don’t Borrow Trouble

Are you one of those who are always wondering, “What if…?” Let me tell you, it is unnecessary to lose your sleep over things that will seem insignificant tomorrow. Instead, think of the future ahead, about your new life, how you will enjoy new things with your spouse and in-laws.

Take a Day Off

Pre-wedding jitters start a few days before the wedding. To relax, take a day off to get away from all the madness and pamper yourself with a nice spa treatment. Massages have great healing properties and have the ability to keep stress at bay. Laze around sometimes to keep your mind free.

Do What You Enjoy

Everyone has their own way of rewinding. Do what helps you to relax. While somemay enjoy yoga or meditation, others offer prayers. There are people who find solace in nature; some others find enjoyment in dance and music. Start with things that calm you.

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