07 Essential Tips for Creating a Perfect Wedding Album - Vikash Kumar Photography

Your wedding is a grand one or a small affair, it is the most important day for you. To keep those memories forever, you get a wedding album!It is a wise idea to have a nice album for you and the subsequent generations to see. There is no second opinion to the fact that creating the perfect album is as much an art as clicking the perfect pictures. Here are few essential tips to ensure that thewedding album look at its best:

Tell a Story

The best wedding album tells a story. Arrange the photographs in a way thatit makes for a nice little tale. Use the photographs in a manner thatit makes for a story you would love to narrate. Choose a few but the best photos from each part of the day and include them in the album. Maintain a chronological order while making the album so that your wedding morning photos come before the night of the ceremony and so on. Use couple pictures, family photos and guest snaps wisely.

Keep it Simple

Beauty resides in simplicity. Thus, ensure that your wedding album is simple and sophisticated. Too much background, border or color is going to ruin it. Choose someblack & white photos to go with colored photographs in the album. Restrain your photographer from going their own way and making the pictures look unreal as they sometime tend todo.

Choose the Number and Size of Photographs

Both the size andnumberof photographs tobe included in the wedding album are important points to consider. Too many small photographs could cramup the album, while the huge ones might not have the romantic effect you would like. Thus, put in only the very best pictures in your album with sizes ranging from 8 x 8 inches to 12 x 12 inches. Moreover, you would also need to ensure that the album can be carried around easily. So keep it light and compact.

Cover to Cover

A book may not be judged by its cover but an album is. Thus, pick the photographs for the front and back covers carefully. While you can give a candid photograph of both of you on the front cover, let the back cover be you and your spouse waving at people after the party. This is one of my favorite ways of doing up a wedding album.

Quality Over Quantity

It does not matter if you give only about a 50 or 100 photographs of the 1000 clicked but all the photographs must be good. Ensure that no photo is blurred or pixilated. If possible, choose the ones where everyone is looking prim and proper. Clumsy ones can be excused.

Run a Final Check

It is a tiring job to select the best ones from a big lot of photographs. But this cannot be an excuse to choose one or two bad pictures and include them in the album. Thus, once you have finalized the photos and decided their sequence in terms of appearance, check once again. If required, ask your family and friends to approve it. Double checking is not going to hurt anyone.

Design Preview

Once you have selected the pictures and sent them to the photographer, ask for a soft copy of the design preview before the album is delivered to you. Ask him to make the necessarychanges according to your plan and his suggestions to enjoy a great result.

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