07 Decorating Tips That Do Wonders to an Indian Wedding - Vikash Kumar Photography

Your wedding is a lifetime event and I’m sure you want it to be perfect. All brides and grooms have met want it to be perfect and memorable. If you are keen on decorating the wedding venue to perfection, there are a lot of things you can do to get it right. Here are 07 most amazing decorating ideas that are trending this season to add excellence to your dream wedding:

Lights and Flower

The combination of lights and flowers never misses the mark. Cover the entire stage with soft-colored drapes and then add strings of lights to it. Complete the décor by adding flowers. Your stage is all ready to ooze joy and festivity.

Satin Drapes

If you think “less is more”, then there is nothing like decorating the venue with satin drapes to make it look elegant and classy. You can either go for white drapes or the one that matches with the entire décor theme. Add flowers to satin for a fairy tale feel.Bright hanging with drapes make the stage look dreamy.

Glass and Lighting

Bright crystals or hangings are popular because they add grandeur to a venue. Glass reflects light, which adds to the glamor of your wedding venue. They give the stage a fancy look while the entire place enjoys a dreamy and romantic set up. Hey, this décor is just right for those who enjoy Karan Johar’s grand sets.

Pastel Shades

If you like sophistication, opt for a décor that uses pastel shades. The best way to incorporate pastels is to use two different colors along with flowers. Color gives the combination an interesting look, while flowers add liveliness and romance to the décor.

Pearly Whites

If you enjoy a classy yet mystical look, decorating the stage in all-white backdrop with white flowers and pillars remains popular. Whites add sophistication to a venue and help the wedding couple’s colorful attires stand out. Combine white with pink for a magical look.

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