Tips for Choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer

Your photographer plays a big role in deciding how beautifully you can remember your wedding day. Read on to find out what are some of the qualities to watch out for when you go hunting for that perfect candid wedding photographer.

You wedding day should be captured on film/lens in as perfect a manner as it can be. Choosing the right candid wedding photographer for the biggest day of your life is as important as choosing your bridal wear – because you want to be remembered at your best in the best way possible. Your photographer plays a big role in deciding how beautifully you can remember your wedding day. Read on to find out what are some of the qualities to watch out for when you go hunting for that perfect candid wedding photographer.

You like his/her style: Any Indian wedding involves a lot of spirited activities and dances. Before you finally zero in one particular photographer it’s a good idea to do your homework and find out the different kinds of photographers out there. Go through their portfolios and see whose work you like best.

You also have to have in mind an idea of what kind of pictures you want. Candid wedding photography captures all the moments of the wedding with minimum intrusion on the part of the photographer. However, this also means that the amount of posing in front of the camera will be limited to a minimum. If you want more structured and composed photos look for a photographer who fits your style to a T.

Professional and dedicated photographer: Any immature can capture a picture, but there is a reason why there are professionals. Their work is artful and the compositions more beautiful as compared to the work of an amateur. Professionals make pièce de résistance and their dedication to their art is reflected in their creations. A professional will make a mundane and everyday scene look as beautiful as a painting with his unique technique.

When you are booking a photographer for your wedding, ensure that he is a thorough professional. You need to find someone who is dedicated to his craft. After all it’s his professionalism and his dedication which will make the pictures of your big day look like pieces of art.

A professional and dedicated photographer will immerse himself/herself completely in the project. He/she might even offer you helpful suggestions about including some key element in your photograph and as to what works or does not work for a particular picture composition. You want someone who knows what he is doing and what you want instinctively, without laying the burden on you to direct the photoshoot. A professional will ensure that the special memories of that unforgettable day of your life are captured on film flawlessly.

Personality of the photographer: You cannot let your wedding day be marred by the quirks of your photographer. It’s a good idea to meet your photographer for a pre-wedding photoshoot (Read about pre-wedding photography) so that you know exactly what kind of personality you are going to work with on your big day. There has to be that understanding and “chemistry” with your photographer. After all he is going to be a big part of your nuptials and you don’t want someone on that day who irks you and upsets you.

A professional photographer will strive to establish a clear line of communication with you. A candid wedding photographer, moreover, will have an approach that is the least intrusive. Although a big part of your ceremony, he will ensure that he creates minimum distraction for you and your guests during the ceremonies. He generally will have a friendly attitude that will endear everyone to him. If you find that you and your photographer are not seeing eye-to-eye you might have to think about choosing someone else for the job!

Decide your budget:  You don’t want to have hired a photographer only to find out later that you have overshot your budget by a huge amount. However, you do not want to compromise on quality due to money. After you have done your research list the ones who fit your bill and then narrow down to the ones who fit the budget as well.

A candid wedding photography is usually a more expensive affair than a normal photography. The equipments involved in this effort are usually more expensive, state-of-the-art pieces that are quite costly to rent or buy in the first place. In addition there is a lot of effort involved in candid wedding photography. Here you can’t call everyone to attention just because you want to a capture a scene on film. The photographer has to make himself almost invisible and try to capture the magic and the drama of a moment without any intrusion. An experienced candid wedding photographer is usually more expensive than a fresher in the field because of his expertise. He knows how to blend in with his surroundings and capture each particular moment of your big day with minimum intrusion.

Now that you are armed with these basic tips and tricks in your arsenal, you can decide who you want and what kind of photograph you want.

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