Significance and Importance of Gauri Puja in South Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are always a gala affair with all the pomp and show. It is not only the marriage of a girl and a boy but also of the two families together. A traditional Hindu wedding celebration can continue for seven days with a lot of pre-wedding rituals and post-wedding celebrations. Every ritual performed in an Indian wedding has a … Read More

Joota Chupai: The Significance Behind the Fun-Filled Tradition

Indian weddings are full of little games and traditions that aim to create a lighthearted atmosphere between the families of the bride and the groom, and help them bond over a special occasion. One of these games is ‘jootachupai’ or shoe-stealing, where the sisters, friends and other female relatives of the bride steal the groom’s shoes as soon as he … Read More

The 7 Pheras According to Hindu Mythology

A custom that holds utmost love and devotion for Hindu couples are the saatpheras. They are the most serious and sacred affair in an Indian marriage. Also well known as Saptadi, this custom holds the key to a happy marital life for the bride and groom. One of the most elaborate ceremonies of Indian society, the bride and groom are … Read More

Muslim Wedding: A divine union of two individuals

Weddings in India are filled with grandeur, celebrations and family togetherness that go on for days. Cultural diversity calls in for a plethora of rituals being followed in myriad Indian marriages. One such wedding that offers a preview of an interesting ceremony is the Muslim wedding. Also known as Nikah in Urdu, this religious ceremony in Islam is of great … Read More

Kanyadaan – A Pious Gift In An Indian Wedding

India is a country with humungous cultures and traditional beliefs and one such faith is the institution of marriage which is a soulful union of the bride and groom. From the baraat till the vidaai, the customs performed under it have some importance attached to it. Kanyadaan is one ritual in an Indian wedding that encompasses emotional as well as a … Read More

Christian Wedding in India – A Visual enchantment

India is a country with many traditions and cultures. One such tradition is the Indian Christian Wedding, known for its purity and grace. A soulful union between two individuals, a Christian wedding is known for its solemnity and elegance. It is the time when family and friends come together to watch two people come together in holy matrimony. Here’s what … Read More

Saptapadi/Seven Steps in South Indian Wedding: Significance

Amidst the flamboyant decorations and fragrance of fresh flowers in the air, a Hindu wedding has seven promises or seven steps that complete the heavenly union of two individuals. Also acknowledged as Saptapadi in the Hindu culture, the bride and groom vow to take these promises for a happy married life. Since customs and ceremonies are the base of Hindu … Read More

The Admirable History of Wedding Rings

Weddings rings are as old as marriages. Did you know that the oldest record of exchange of rings goes way back to 4800 years in ancient Egypt? At that time rushes, sedges and reedsgrowing alongside papyrus were twisted in a braid to form a ring. Women used to wear these on their fingers along with other ornaments. It was believed … Read More

Significance of Haldi and Mehendi celebrations in Hindu weddings

Hindu weddings are usually an elaborate affair – commonly blended between back-to-back customs, rituals and celebrations that last for as many as four to five days. The function is lovingly and purposefully celebrated within the span of pre wedding days, wedding day and post wedding days – each of which has its stand-alone significance and importance. For example; applying Haldi … Read More

Significance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Weddings

‘Mangalsutra’ is the loving get together of two Sanskrit words ‘Mangala’ meaning ‘holy’ and Sutra meaning ‘thread’. For centuries, Mangalsutra has been a true representative of the dignity and love bestowed on a bride by her groom. Married Hindu women wear the auspicious thread as a sign of their marital status and rather than a simple jewellery, the thread is … Read More