Tips to Improve your Reception Photo

Welcoming the bride to the groom’s house and family calls for a grand celebration, hence, throwing a reception party for her is definitely required. Everybody is kept busy during the wedding day since there are so many rituals to be followed but fortunately receptions are less tiring and more enjoyable for the couples. This surely means you have all the … Read More

Plan your Time with Makeup Artist to set Wedding Schedule on Course

While the wedding time is the most awaited period in one’s life, it brings with it lots of chaos and panic, especially if things are not scheduled properly. One of the major aspects of any wedding is the bridal make-up. Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, for obvious reasons.  While the wedding day makeup session is … Read More

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are one of the first marks of a couple’s commitment. They represent togetherness and tell the world about a person’s betrothal. Considering their symbolic and cultural significance, it is important to put some though into choosing a wedding ring. Here are some of the decisions you will have to make while choosing the perfect wedding band, and some … Read More

Kickass Do’s and Don’ts on Your Bridal Mehndi

Weddings are so much fun. Right from pre-wedding preparations to the main event, it is a game of decorations and colors. An occasion of happiness, it is a big day for the bride and groom. The hustle bustle of wedding and the bewitching designs of the mehndi applied on the bride’s hand hold a special significance in our Indian culture. … Read More

Go digital at your Nuptials with Wedding Video Invitation

Weddings are made in Heaven,  and India, with its diverse culture and traditions, celebrates this occasion with much pomp and grandeur.  A wedding consists of many important responsibilities towards the guests, the first of many being a wedding invitation. Yes you heard it right; inviting close ones to join you in your happiness is always a great idea. But with the … Read More

How to Choose a Destination Wedding Venue?

There are a lot of things that you need to consider while choosing a destination wedding venue. Here are some guidelines to choose the most appropriate location to get married: Find the best Ambience and Location for Yourself People generally opt for destination wedding because they want to wed somewhere that is completely different from their home location in various … Read More

Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

The most important day in your life is the most tensed of your life too. On your wedding day, you are worried about the décor, food and more. With my experience as a wedding photographer, here are some essential tips that should make hiring your caterer a piece of cake: Availability Once you have shortlisted a list of caterers, the first … Read More

Should You Include A Wedding Short Film?

Marrying the love of your life is a thing to treasure. The best way to keep it alive is by keeping those memories close to your heart. A wedding short film is the answer to this. What is Wedding Short Film? A wedding short film is exactly what you think it is. It is a nice and short yet vivid … Read More

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for South Indian Couples

Indian weddings have always been a grand affair. And to speak about South Indian marriages, they are a spectacle in themselves. However, they are celebrated in a conservative and elegant manner unlike North Indian weddings which are quite pompous in nature. It holds great symbolism. It is needless to say that every wedding needs proper arrangement. Here are some handy … Read More

07 Essential Tips for Creating a Perfect Wedding Album

Your wedding is a grand one or a small affair, it is the most important day for you. To keep those memories forever, you get a wedding album!It is a wise idea to have a nice album for you and the subsequent generations to see. There is no second opinion to the fact that creating the perfect album is as … Read More